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Milano Tile
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Milano Tile

    Product Description:

    Stone Coated Steel Roofing Tile (Milano type HL1107)  is based on Al-Zn steel. The surface and back  protective films, together with  the alloy composed of Aluminum and Zinc, with natural stone, provides the usage of a long time span, which no less than 30 years.

    This kind of tiles could be widely used at all kinds of  buildings, such as residences, hotels, villas, horticultural structures, etc.

    Long Quality Guarantee, for 30 years!!!

    Parameters of Stone Coated Steel Roofing Tile
    Name: Stone coated steel roofing tile Color: Multicolor
    Item No.: HL1107 Color chat No.: HLC201-230
    Usage: Roofing Materials Basic pannel Thickness: 0.4mm
    Style: Milano Zinc Code: 100g per Sqm
    Size: 1350x420mm Packing: Packed on Pallet
    Height: 45mm Packing Size: 1.35x1.00x1.00m
    Exposure Size: 1300x370mm Packing Quantity: 600Pcs per Pallet
    Pcs per Sqm: 2.08PCS Quantity Per 20GP: 10000Pcs
    Weight: 2.8kg/PC use time span: 30years

    Performance Terms :  

    A, Economy, Energy saving - this roofing tile is big acreage and cutting down the physical distribution.

    B, Earthquake Resistance - cause of the Stone Coated Steel roofing tile is more lighter than the concrete tile.

    C, Fire Resistance - the main material of this tile are zinc-aluminium steel with the nature stone which have strong fire resistant.

    D, Construction Simple - light weight, easy to bend and cut, suitable for all kinds of building and could repeat execution.

    E, Storm Resistance - no leakage occurs after prolonged exposure test. It can also reduce the noise in raining.

    F, Heavy Wind Resistance -  we use the horizontal fixing method to prevent the files lifted up in winding.

    G, Hail Resistance - the tile can resist cold, frozen and slip etc.

    H, Long Lifetime - the base board is zinc-aluminium which with the high corrosion resistant.

    I,  Beautiful Appearance - with nature stone with varied colors.

    Color chart of Stone Coated Metal Roofing Tile:

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