Embossed coated aluminum coil Construction Notes

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Like other building materials, embossed coated aluminum coil have a lot of places which need our extra attention in the construction process, so let's take a look at the contents of this aspect.


1.When using embossed coated aluminum coil must be used at the normal temperature, the temperature is too cold or too hot is not acceptable.

2.When installing embossed aluminum coil, you must check the surface coating to if it is wear.

3.When installing embossed aluminum coil , it must be sealed well in order to avoid rain leaking.


Hebei Hollyland Co.,Ltd can supply different sizes and shapes of aluminum coil for you with good quality and competitive price. Strong technical force, advanced equipment, high-quality aluminum coil, our products are very popular and we have exported this products to many places in the world. The thickness of aluminium coil is 0.18mm-1.2mm, width less than 1800mm. Compared with other products, our aluminium coil is alloy, so it has many advantages like longer life time, be free from oil stain etc.


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