The production mode of Aluminum coil

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I believe we often use aluminum coil products, while few people know the production mode of it. Today Hollyland who specialize in aluminum coil with high technical support and advance production equipment for many years in China, will explain this knowledge for you.

Aluminum coil can be divided into cold rolling and hot rolling and the main difference is the difference between anodizing. Hot rolled aluminum coils can be anodized, the characters of hot rolled aluminum coils is that during the large plastic deformation process, the internal organization has experienced a number of recovery, recrystallization, the coarse grains of the casting state are crushed, the microcracks are healed. All casting defects are being improved including the homogenization of billet in the internal structure, the size and shape of the grain, the change of the point defect and the line defect concentration etc. Greatly improving the metal processing technology performance.

Different processing technology, different purposes of cold rolling and hot rolling aluminum coil. Cold-rolled aluminum coils are mostly used for molds, hot-rolled aluminum roll for stamping stretching. However, as we have learned, the different processes lead to a great difference in its physical properties.

Hope this article will make you have a better understanding of aluminum coil. If you need that, please contact with us freely!

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