The Characteristics of PVC Gutter System

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PVC is a kind of plastic construction material. It is short for polyvinyl chloride, the main raw material is polyvinyl chloride resin, adding appropriate amount of anti-aging agent, modifier and so on, then make the material after the technology of mixing, recycle flattening, vacuum forming, etc.

The characteristics of PVC material are light weight, heat preservation, heat insulation, flame retardant, simple construction, moisture proof and so on. It has various of specifications, colors and patterns, with highly decorative. Also it is the most widely used decorative materials in plastic materials.


The main characteristics of PVC Gutter System are as following,

1.light weight, heat preservation, heat insulation, flame retardant, moisture proof, corrosion resistance, acid alkali resistance.

2.Stability, good dielectric property, durability, anti aging, easy welding and bonding.

3.High bending strength and impact toughness, high extension when break.

4.It is easy tobe machined by the technology of kneading, mixing, pulling tab, dicing, squeezing or casting and so on, which can meet the needs of various specification of the profiles.

5.Smooth surface, bright color, highly decorative, wide range of decorative application.

6.Simple construction and convenient installation.

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