The Preparation for Stone Coated Steel Roofing Tiles Installation

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The instructions and drawings included here are intended only as a guide for the stone coated steel roofing tiles installation preparation. A quality installation is ultimately dependent upon the workmanship of the roofing contractor. Information regarding alternative situations not covered in these instructions can be obtained by contacting the Roofing System.

1.Safety: Adhere to recommended safe roofing practices. Wear appropriate clothing and use safety equipment, such as protective eyewear. Light, soft-soled shoes are recommended. Use proper tools and keep the roof clear of debris as you work.

2.Tools: Panels may be cutting using a cutter/guillotine, tin or aviation snips, or a circular saw using metal cutting blades. A portable brake (combined bender) or hand bender is recommended to bend the panels for hips, ridges and valleys. Safety equipment should be worn during the installation process.


3.Estimating Sheets: Both the Estimating Sheet (With Battens) and the Estimating Sheet (Without Battens) are available.

4.Roof Slope: Roof slopes less than 3:12 are considered decorative and panels must be applied over a roof system complying with local codes.

5.Underlayment: Although an underlayments is recommended per local code for most installations, the steel panels described in these instructions may be installed on roof slopes of 3:12 and greater without an underlayment. In cold climates, ice and water shield is recommended for valleys, overhangs and at the perimeter, or as required by local codes. Local code takes precedence over these installation guidelines.

6.Deck Preparation:

(1) New Construction: Prepare roof deck to meet local building codes.

(2) Roof Tear-off (Solid Deck) : If tearing off old roof, clean and prepare deck to meet local building code.

(3) Re-Roof Tear-off (Skip/Spaced Sheathing) : There are two options available when skip/spaced sheathing is encountered. Use counter battens and battens without filling or fill as necessary and install just battens.

(4) Re-Roof Over Even Surfaces (i.e. Asphalt Shingles) : Prepare the asphalt shingles by cutting them back, flush with the fascia or rake, as needed. Remove existing hip and ridge material. Install either Shingle Tile without battens or Heritage Tile, Shake or Shingle Tile with battens.

(5) Re-Roof Over Irregular Surfaces (i.e. Wood Shake or Wood Shingles) : When needed, use counter battens to obtain a level surface for battens when installing over an irregular surface. Additionally, some codes require apecified underlayments when roofing over wood shakes. Prepare the roof deck by removing all existing hip and ridge. Cut the existing overhang back as needed to install battens and accomodate flashings.

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